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Large Heavy Duty Heated Parts Washer

50” Turntable with 60’ working height inside – load capacity 2,500 lbs

Reg. $12,518 you save $520

Our Special price is $11,998

36 Payment Lease to own as low as $380 month with a $1 buyout.

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Custom Units and fixtures available.
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MAXJET Parts Washers for Commercial Applications

MAXJET heavy duty parts washers are built rugged for dependability but still maintain a very competitive price.

MAXJET front load cabinet models are manufactured in turntable diameter sizes of 30, 36, 50,60 and 72 inches. Turntable capacities can be designed up to 10,000 pounds. Working height, distance from turntable to top nozzles, are 45 inches to 72 inch as standards. Custom working heights and capacities are available. Depending on the model.

Electrical services offered include 230 1 ph or 3 ph, 480 3ph, 600 3ph. European 375 voltage is also available.

Tube fired gas heat is optional.

All models are available in optional Stainless Steel


Gear Drive, Low Water Shut Down, Disk Style Oil Skimmer, Drop Down Center Spray Bar, Sealess Pump

MAXJET Front & Top Load Spray Cabinets Batch Style Parts Washers


 HSC w Model

Available in standard size turntables size  from 24″ to 72″.   Working heights are 45″ to 72″.   Load capacities from 1,500 lbs to 5,000 lbs.   Custom sizes and capacities available in mild and stainless steel construction.  Available in 230 1ph, 230 3 ph, 480 3 ph, 575 3ph and European voltages.

Standard are oil skimmer, low water shut down, sealless pump,

and a center spay bar.

Electrical services offered include 230 1 ph or 3 ph, 480 3ph, 600 3ph.  

European 375 voltage is also

Tube fired gas heat is optional.

Top Load Parts Washers


front view toploadtop load








Turntable 24″ to 100″ Capacity 1500  to 5,000 pounds

Mild and Stainless Construction


 roll-back-design-1 roll-back-design--2

Work cell roll back door design 

Turntable 30″ to 50″ 1500 to 2500 pound

Interior working height 30″ to 60″

see our roll back door section for more information and video



Gas Heated Large Capacity Belt Style Parts Washer


Custom Extra Capacity and Custom Construction

100 72

100 inch turntable 72 working height capacity 10,000 lbs





5,000 Conveyorized Gear Washer 




MAXJET Tunnel Style parts washer can be custom designed for various wash, phosphatizing, rinse and drying stages.

This 2 1/2 cycle monorail conveyor is used for washing and phosphatizing parts. This parts washer has excellent access and view windowto monitor every stage of the process. Full ventilation and fiberglass walkway included.


Large Extra Heavy Duty Heated Immersion Washer



Large Extra Duty Heated Immersion Washer

Heavy parts are cleaned with oscillation of the platform in the hot aqueous solution.

May be use with solvent__X ___ platform  capacity ______lbs

Heated ____gallon tank

0-12 Hour Wash Timer  0-12 hr Heat Timer

Oil Skimmer

Optional Filter with pump creates intense subsurface turbulation.



 Customs Carts Transport Parts for Easy Off Load into Washers



UHMW top allow baskets to slide onto special fixture.

Flip over bracketkeeps cart in position.


Easy loading to prevent back strain for operators.


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