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Large Heavy Duty Heated Parts Washer

50” Turntable with 60’ working height inside – load capacity 2,500 lbs

Reg. $12,518 you save $520

Our Special price is $11,998

36 Payment Lease to own as low as $380 month with a $1 buyout.

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Custom Units and fixtures available.
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Wash Booth

MAXJET – SB-1   Large parts washer station features both wash and rinse cycles Overall specifications Outside dimensions 85”X 50”X74” Wash bay area 84”X48”X54” Heated Recirculation Filtrations Control panel with manual switches for heat and pump Overhead adjustable...

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Heavy Duty Parts Washer

MAXJET Parts Washers for Commercial Applications MAXJET heavy duty parts washers are built rugged for dependability but still maintain a very competitive price. MAXJET front load cabinet models are manufactured in turntable diameter sizes of 30, 36, 50,60 and 72...

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Immersion Parts Washer

Immersion cleaning exposes all surfaces of the part, including blind holes and small crevices, to the cleaning solution. By combining hands-off, total immersion cleaning, easy part load/unload, vertical lift platform agitation and optional turbo jet action parts are...

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Belt & OH Conveyors

MAXJET Belt Washers Conveyorized Washers Maximizes Throughput. The design of any production parts cleaning system involves matching the washer with output of the operations and minimize operator handling. Adjustable speeds move parts through custom zones that can...

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Ultrasonic Cleaners

INDUSTRIAL GRADE TABLE TOP ULTRASONIC MODELS  Heated Standard Sizes include Basket, Lid, and Drain Faucet Tank Sizes Tank Dimensions: LXWXH 12"×6"×6" 12"×9"x6" 12"×11"×6" 2.5"x11"x10" 18.5"×11"×8" 19.5"×11"×10" Gallons: 1.6 3.5 4 5.3 7.5 10     All Features:...

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Custom Fixtured Design

Custom Options & Fixturings MAXJET parts washer offers many custom fixtures and accessories We build MAXJET washers around your parts and production needs.               We can offer assistance with process development and a full...

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Roll Back Door

NEW PRODUCT   Our newest addition to the MAXJET parts washer line.   Model MJ RB3030  This is a compact unit designed for the work cell environment.  RB3030 has a space saving design with a cantilevered front that make it efficient for operators to load and...

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Rebuilder – Extra Duty

We can custom build to fit your unique parts and clean areas where others can't.  Below are some examples of various units that have been built for the oil field and various rebuilding operations .                                  S/S 10072 100" TURNTABLE DIAMETER 72"...

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